Eminem’s Producer Says His New Album Is “Done”

Earlier this year we caught wind that Eminem had been back in the studio, working on new music with his old mate Dr. Dre, and now we’ve got an update from Em’s longtime producer Mr. Porter.

During a recent live stream, Porter answered a stack of fan questions including numerous queries about the real Slim Shady’s forthcoming record. Most significantly, he declared the album “done” and also described it as “amazeballs.”

“Am I working on Eminem’s new album? No, we are done. How about that?” he said.

 eminem dr dre without me drdre GIF

Eminem’s last album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was released in 2013, but Porter, who is also signed to Shady records, was more tight-lipped about any potential release date for the new record.

“When is the new Eminem album coming out? Don’t you wanna know. Wouldn’t you like to know,” said Porter. “I can tell you this, it is amazeballs.”

While you’re waiting for his new album to come out maybe take some time to invest in Eminem’s music. The rapper’s former producers announced recently they will be selling their shares on the royalties from all of Shady’s music recorded between 1999 and 2013.

You can also watch some short snippets from Mr. Porter’s live question stream below.

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