Eminem’s Scorching New Track ‘Untouchable’ Is Here And Fans Are Fkn Rating It

If his new album’s pop-heavy list of feat. credits had fans worried that Eminem might be going soft in his old age, then his blistering new track ‘Untouchable’ has basically blown those fears out of the water.

The Real Slim Shady’s latest Revival cut is a furious six-minute attack on white privilege, from the perspective of an ‘Untouchable’ white dude.

Em’s gloves are off on the aggressively sarcastic, politically-charged rap-rocker, which is packing some distinct early 90’s vibes (as well as a sample of Cheech & Chong‘s ‘Earache My Eye’), as he spits venom about crooked cops and racial inequality.

Not only is he unequivocally proving that the wokeness of his earlier anti-Trump freestyle wasn’t just a one-off, the Detroit MC’s newbie sees him embrace message-based hip-hop in a way that he never fully has before.

And fans are fkn rating it:

Give ‘Untouchable’ a spin for yourself below.

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