Empire Of The Sun Address Cultural Appropriation Issues With Past Outfits

Empire of the Sun’s Nick Littlemore has told The Age that there’s “no denying” there were inspirations from Native American culture in their first album. He’s said the electronic duo would never wear the outfits they performed in back in their early days.

Speaking to the publication, Empire of the Sun’s Littlemore said that he looks back on the duo’s old outfits with a new cultural understanding.

“There’s no denying the inspiration of other cultures that were woven into the first album,” said Littlemore.

“We shot music videos in China and Mexico and their cultures certainly carried the visual narrative from the landscapes, cityscapes and costumes.”

He added that he’s always had a love for psychedelia and dream states as well, “which traditionally belong to shamanic cultures.”

Littlemore goes on to say that society has learned a lot about using other cultures to drive your own projects. “It’s important to listen to these voices and I do support them,” he told The Age.

“It wasn’t ever the motivation behind Empire, however today I would not wear those same costumes as I did 13 years ago.

“I’d hate to think we ever offended anyone, we’ve only ever tried to express unity and create a magical world.”

It comes after Adele’s Notting Hill Carnival outfit caused debate online. She wore a Jamaican flag bikini top with Bantu knots to the event, which is a celebration of the Black and Caribbean communities in the UK.

Earlier this year there was goss we have a new Empire of the Sun album on the way.

Nick Littlemore told The Green Room Podcast with Neil Griffiths the duo had put “quite a lot of work” into a new album back in April.

“I don’t know, I can’t really say for sure,” said Littlemore.

“We’ve got some really good music. We’ll just see, but it’s a strange time.”

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