Empire Of The Sun Have Begun Work On Third Album

I know what you’re thinking, their second album hasn’t even come out yet, but this hasn’t discouraged Empire Of The Sun from putting the initial touches on the third full-length release. The news came during an interview for SPA with the studio-dwelling Nick Littlemore who explained the record is already taking shape.

Though he doesn’t play a hand in the duo’s live performances, Littlemore is a key element of their material. It seems when they opened the flood gates to begin work on Ice On The Dune, they didn’t want to close them. In the interview Littlemore explains, “We feel like at the moment we just want to keep coming, keep coming thick and fast.”

Littlemore then goes on to elaborate on how the arrangement of one member (Luke Steele) travelling on the road and the other remaining in the studio seems to be working well for the outfit:

“It feels now we’re at a kinda level that we don’t want to get down from. So it was understood that I would spend more time in the studio, then I’ll be flying in and out wherever Luke is, and then we’ll be cutting tracks while he’s on the road and just keeping the energy levels up there.”

By the sounds of things, the band won’t be stopping with album number 3, Littlemore understands full well the value of momentum, stating:

“It’s very important [to strike while the iron is hot] because there are so many ways you can go with something like this. We haven’t allowed us any boundaries or any limitations; I don’t think you can limit a dream. It’s something that defines itself, so I guess we’re half led and half the leader.”

Ice On The Dunes comes out in Australia Friday, 14th June. The band will also be in town for Vivid LIVE.


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