Empire Of The Sun Post New Album Updates

Australia’s favourite electronic duo Empire Of The Sun have announced that they are back in the studio recording and writing tracks for the follow-up to their sensational 2009 album Walking On A Dream. The album took Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore on a worldwide roller-coaster, including a more-than-memorable performance at the famous Coachella Festival. Taking to Facebook, the band said, “OK, we are currently in New York City writing songs for the new empire album, and we are pleased to say it’s going exceptionally well. You know they say you can’t rush art, baby well, we just want to bring our best to all of you beautiful people for that is what you deserve…”

It looks as if it is a busy year for the group with one half (Nick Littlemore) having just released his amazing new collaborative project Elton Versus Pnau. The album is obviously the love child of Australian electro-pop heroes PNAU and the flamboyant superstar Elton John. They recently released their first single Good Morning To The Night.

Luke Steele recently told NME that Empire Of The Sun’s sophomore album would be more Hollywood, possibly influenced by Elton himself. Expanding on this ‘more Hollywood’ statement, Steel said,”the new songs are grander, more Disney, more colourful. On the last album we wanted to cross things over and do a little movie initially, but at the end of the day, a good song is a good song and all the other stuff didn’t really matter once the songs took off. For this record we want the songs to be more Hollywood, just bigger and more imaginative.”

Whatever the outcome is, after their 2011 performance at Stereosonic I for one am definitely looking forward to this release; lock in early-mid 2013.

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