Engineer Turns Hardcore Band Into EDM Nightmare After They Fail To Pay

You wouldn’t ever consider not paying your phone bill or doctor, so why would you run the risk of not paying your sound engineer? One hardcore band from the US, Altitudes, have learned that soundies are simply unfuckwithable after having their tune turned into dance song, becoming the laughing stock of the Internet and two music genres in the process.

It’s unclear where the money went, though everyone over the age of 13 smokes weed these days so that’s a possibility, and by the look of these musicians they’ve just managed to squeezed into that age bracket. We can be sure where their money didn’t go – into funding the mixing and production of their track and subsequent music video.

As a result the engineer, known only as Dan, funnelled the “best 30 mins I’ve ever spent” into reworking the material and uploading the final product. What was surely meant to be a hard-hitting, passionate composition of brutal metalcore integrity is now a cringeworthy dance track.

The tackiest of beats and lazy FM synth lines are now paired with just about every shot of the constipated-looking vocalist and his braces that the engineer could find, and a skateboarding bassist getting legit crazy aerials while holding his bitchin’ $120 bass guitar, all while a raw vocal wails pathetically over the top.

Dance beat aside, the track was absolute rubbish anyway though, thanks to Good Guy Engineer, at least now it’s worth listening to. Commenting via his YouTube channel Dan said:

“I recorded all the audio, filmed them at my studio, and then I decided to write a dance tune to the same tempo they recorded at. I merely took his vocals and slapped it on the dance track, then replaced the new audio to the video I had already edited. Best 30 mins I’ve ever spent.”

Rest assured, Altitudes now have dozens of helpful tips from concerned music lovers on YouTube to help them correct all their wrongs for next time, though they’re clearly unhappy with being the butt of internet mockery.

Attempting to explain the situation away via YouTube comments, vocalist Alexander Ruiz claims, “Basically we just weren’t financially stable at the time but we WERE planning on paying him back.” Which was instantly shot down by pretty much everyone.

PS What’s up with the 40-year-old guitarist jamming with 13-year-olds? So many questions.

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