Enrique Iglesias May Never Fully Recover From Drone-Inflicted Injury

Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias may not ever regain full sensitivity in his hand, after it was sliced by a camera drone during a recent performance in Tijuana, Mexico.

Iglesias’ recent concert turned rather bloody, after the 40-year-old singer made a grab for the flying camera, which had been hovering overhead and taking snaps of the 12,000-strong crowd, and was subsequently left with a rather nasty gash.

At the time, the singer’s rep said he was “semi-treated” from side-of-stage, before being taken to hospital to undergo “reconstructive surgery” earlier this week. According to Billboard, there are still doubts about whether Iglesias will regain full sensitivity in his injured hand.

“He will need minor rehab once his finger and skin graft have healed,” a source tells Billboard. “Only time will tell if sensitivity on that tip of the finger will come back and at what percentage.”

During the concert, the Hero singer managed to haphazardly bandage up the flesh-wound and powered on for another 30 minutes as blood oozed from the wound. He even made turned the flesh-wound into art, using the blood to paint a love heart on his white shirt.

By all appearances, the singer was in top spirits about the incident this week, posting a fan-made photo on his website labelled “Attack of the Drones”. Captioned with, “LOL you guys waste no time!,” the picture featured him screaming as a swarm of drones cuts off his arm. See it below.

Watch footage of the incident, below.

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