Eskimo Joe Release First New Single In 7 Years ‘Say Something’

Eskimo Joe have shared their first single in seven years with us. It’s called ‘Say Something’ and it’s a totally different sound for the Aussie rock icons. ‘Say Something’ sees Eskimo Joe delve into a more polished pop-rock kind of sound. We’re not mad about it.

‘Say Something’ is a politically charged single that calls for people to speak up. Whatever the issue. The lyrics sing, “Say something, say something, the only thing to fear is silence.”

Of the new single, Eskimo Joe say, “Say something is a call to arms; it’s time to say something before we come face to face with extinction. The song is about hope and what it means to be a humanitarian.

“Whether we are talking about domestic violence, racism or the environment, to stay silent is to agree with ignorance. Right now, the environment is at a tipping point, we’ve just lived through the worst bush fires in Australia’s history, whilst in the rest of the world floods and famine are at an unprecedented level.

“Unless we say something, governments across the world will continue to make their decisions based on what’s best for the economy, not how to build a better future. Unless we say something, people will continue to believe that this is the only way,” the band said.

As well as the new single, the band recently reissued their 2004 album A Song Is A City. It coincided with the 16th anniversary of the album and featured seven never heard before songs.

You can listen to ‘Say Something’ below.

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