Crowded House @ The Sydney Opera House Forecourt, 2016 / Photo: Maria Boyadgis

Eternal Legend Neil Finn Gives Aussie High School The Green Light To Use His Music

One of New Zealand’s favourite sons, Neil Finn, has proved why he’s at ‘legend’ status again, by allowing an Australian high school to use his music in a video project their Year 11 and 12 students are currently working on.

As News Corp Australia reports, it all started when Karyn Chapman, who runs the film and TV program at Brisbane’s all-girl Mary MacKillop College, hit up Finn on Twitter to ask if her students would be able to use his music in some music videos, instead of getting inferior tunes from royalty-free music websites:

Then, almost out of the blue, Finn replied…

Ms Chapman says she “jumped up and down in the staff room” when she read Finn’s reply.

You see, she and her school are both big fans of Split Enz and Crowded House, apparently.

“We use his music a lot in his liturgies and assemblies at the college,” she says. “Our Assistant Principal Cath Rodden, whenever she has to put something together for an awards night or a speech night she’ll play a Neil Finn song.”

Ms Chapman says seven students from her Year 12 film and TV class will be going on to study the subject at a tertiary level, and she wants them to see media and film as an avenue for potential careers.

“I want my girls to have a real purpose to what they make and a real audience,” she says. “I’m very proactive about making them look at this as a potential career, particularly as women in the media, women working in film.”

Neil Finn has previously used his Twitter account to take digs at people complaining about Crowded House’s Sydney Opera House shows. He’ll perform at Bluesfest in April, so make sure you hit ‘follow’.

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