Every ‘Rage’ Playlist From The Past 20 Years Is Now Online For Your Viewing Pleasure

Dear Rageaholics, all your Christmases have officially come at once — 20 of them, to be exact — thanks to two crafty fanboys who’ve devised a way to deliver two decades’ worth of Rage playlists directly to your retinas.

Yep — you can officially binge your eyeballs off on the iconic ABC series’ past 20-years worth of #content thanks to Brissie mates Brock Kenzler and Michael Henderson, who’ve collated 200,000 video clips into playlists from January 1998 right up til now into one nifty website.

Originally spawned as a mobile app — which FYI represented the first time that all of Rage‘s playlists were able to be aired as they were on the OG show — the Rageaholics project has now hit the internet.

And the user-friendly interface looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 3.38.13 pm

Even a monkey — such as the lead singer of the Bloodhound Gang in their ‘Bad Touch’ video — could navigate this thing, with a handy slider at the bottom to help you select the date, and a search bar to help you choose the playlist via guest programmer.

Check it out here, gang.

Also, you’re welcome.


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