Ex-Cro-Mags Harley Flanagan Acted ‘In Self Defence’ When He Stabbed Two People

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so there was always going to be support for detained Cro-Mags founding member and ex-bassist Harley Flanagan, who found himself on international news after entering a Cro-Mags gig with a hunting knife and stabbing two people, one of whom is the band’s current bassist. Flanagan has now come out saying he acted in self-defence.

The assaults took place over the weekend at Webster Hall in New York for the CBGB Festival paying homage to one of the greatest punk rock clubs of all time, CBGB. A very distraught and very drunk Flanagan entered the venue with one thought on his mind: revenge. Waiting near the VIP area of the venue, the disgruntled musician took a knife to current bassist Michael ‘The Gook’ Couls, who received a wound under his eye and a bite to his cheek, as did another man present.

Flanagan was picked up on two counts of second degree assault and possession of a weapon, though not after having his ass handed to him by venue security. In an exclusive with New York Natives, Flanagan and his attorney have explained that he was simply defending himself, claims that go so far against every other report of the incident by media.

More info is set to come in the following couple of days as Flanagan tells all to the publication.

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