Ex-Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison Rebrands Side Project, Announces Debut Album

Former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison is back behind the kit after an brief period of silence. Jordison has announced the rebranding of his previous flame Scar The Martyr which is now operating under the moniker VIMIC, revealing the first single from the band as well as debut album plans.

The rebrand wasn’t purely aesthetic but largely functional, too. As well as the new name, Jordison tagged a new vocalist, Kalen Chase who enjoyed a brief stint fronting Korn (everyone has a past, guys) and keyboardist Matt Tarach. The two join previous Scar The Martyr members Jed Simon (guitar/vocals) and Kyle Konkiel (bass/vocals) with Jordison on sticks, obvs.

The first song form the new and improved outfit is called Simple Skeleton and was previewed on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal where you can stream it now. Within about half a second of the song, it’s clear you can take the boy out of Slipknot, but you can’t take the Slipknot out of the boy. Instrumentally, the track tips its hat to the IOWA days of Slipknot. Though vocally very different from Slipknot, still very much on trend with all things Roadrunner Records.

Jordison stuck around for a quick chat about the new happenings, explaining the project to Liquid Metal:

“I decided I wanted to start fresh. I did not want to keep rehashing old ideas. If I am going to keep going, I really just wanted to break loose and wipe the slate clean. So I renamed the band, and I got a new singer and a new keyboard player [plus] three other members from the Scar the Martyr lineup. We went down into the basement and started demoing material and everything started clicking.”

The band have recorded around 40 demos which will be serviced to Jordison’s usual home of Roadrunner for their debut album, but he insists they’re on no one’s schedule but their own.

“You can rush stuff, and just get out there to get out there, but I’d rather take the time and make sure everything is just perfectly lined up. We just want to make sure that we’re doing the right thing at the right time.”

The band will hit the road for shows in the near future. Jordison has always been good to his Aussie fans so it’s a safe bet we’re on the radar.

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