It Looks Like Faith No More Are On The Verge Of Returning Once Again

After the release of reunion album Sol Invictus back in 2015, alternative metal legends Faith No More have been relatively quiet. In 2017, frontman Mike Patton revealed during an interview that the band had been on an “extended break”, explaining “If something happens, it’ll happen organically and naturally. But I kind of don’t think it will. I kind of feel like we’ve tipped the scales a little bit. But we’ll see. Who knows? I’ve learned my lesson not to say ‘no'”.

Now, however, it looks as though the band could be on the verge of returning.

Yesterday, (Sunday, 24th November) the band took to Twitter to share an image of icy mountaintops with the Faith No More logo superimposed over the top. The caption simply reads “psssst…”

Now, the band’s official website features a countdown timer scheduled to hit zero two days from now.

As Blabbermouth reports, last year the band’s keyboardist Roddy Bottum revealed that he’d been making new music with his fellow Faith No More bandmates drummer Mike Bordin and bassist Billy Gould.

In an interview with Chandler Sorrels of YouTube series The Ring, the Cage and the Stage, Bottum revealed “I will periodically go to San Francisco and make music with those guys.”

“What we do is a really special, unique thing that we kind of share — especially like me and Mike Bordin and Billy… We were super young — we were, 18, 19 years old — when we started making music, so we kind of get in the room and we have a language that speaks really loud and really clear, at least to the three of us. I mean, where it goes is questionable, but we have sort of a language that’s kind of undeniable in a really sort of family sense.

“And I think we all acknowledge that it’s not something that any of us wanna turn our backs on, and it’s kind of fun to do. So in the hopes of pushing things forward and making new music, we continue to do that, to get together and make new sounds and just have a dialogue about prospects and songs and where we go in the future.”

It’s obviously unclear what exactly the band could be plotting – whether it’s new music or a return to active touring. Either way, any new FNM news is good news.

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