Fake Drake And Rihanna Website Counts Down To Nothing But An Angry Video

After a gushy, starry-eyed Drake gave a drawn-out speech to Rihanna at the VMAs, a mysterious website appeared online with nothing but a countdown. A countdown to what, I hear you ask? An album? A tour? A wedding?

Sorry to disappoint folks.

The website turned out to be a troll set up by Joanne the Scammer, who used the cleverly timed launch to capture the public’s attention. When the countdown finished, she delivered a bitter, and kinda creepy, video message to the pair.

It begins with Joanne bopping to Rhianna’s Work before dramatically cutting the music.

“Shut the fuck up Rihanna, I’ve had enough of that shit.” Joanne goes on, “I made it because I’m pissed off…I’ve waited so long to take a fucking selfie with you [Drake] and you weren’t there to fucking take it. But you come out for Rihanna!

“So fuck you and our relationship is over, don’t email me again. This website is a hoax! Now I can move on with my life.”

Although Drake and Rhianna have never officially confirmed a romantic relationship, they have been publicly heart-ing about each other for years. Not to mention the faux kiss and the coupley Instagram pic that followed Drake’s VMA speech.

As it turns out, Joanne not only scammed the website, but also scammed her way into the VMAs. Check out Drake’s speech and his post-VMA Insta pic with Rhi Rhi below.

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