Falls Festival Set Times, Maps And Apps Released

Uncap those highlighters, it’s time to start devising your musical plan of attack – organisers of Falls Festival 2013/2014 have released the full timetables for the massive NYE festival’s imminent dates in Lorne, Byron and Marion Bay.

Ringing in the New Year on the Byron Bay main stage are hip-hop superstars The Roots. Punters seeing in 2014 in Lorne can choose to celebrate with either indie-darlings Vampire Weekend or homegrown hip-hoppers Horrorshow. And Marion Bay-ers will be Auld Lang Syne-ing with The Wombats.

For those who feel adverse towards the printed page (and those nasty highlighter stains), the official festival iPhone and Android app is now available for download, so festivalgoers can build and share their personalised planners. Because we all know, if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.

This pocketful of handy info also includes artist profiles, playing times, planners, band set reminders, maps, festival opening times, travel tips and a torch function, handy for when you inevitably lose your phone. Oh wait…

Tickets to the Marion Bay festival leg are still available including the Gimme Shelter ticket which comes with all your campsite needs and the Tepee Life option, which naturally includes a pretty dope tepee.

In the name of Christmas spirit a limited allocation of Byron 3 day tickets have also been released, so if you or a loved one have been dreaming of celebrating the stroke of midnight with The Roots, jump in quick.

The festival also wishes to remind Lorne and Byron ticket holders who are planning on driving to the festivals that they are required to pre-purchase a car pass via the tickets page of the festival website.

Now go ahead, get planning.

Gallery: Falls Festival 2013/2014 Timetables

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