Fan Breaks Into Kate Bush’s Home And Proposes

Here’s a new one: a near psychotic Kate Bush fan has broken into her home in order to propose to her. The Daily Mail reports that the male, Frank Tufaro, journeyed to Bush’s house carrying a £3,000 diamond, sapphire and gold engagement ring, but decided to break one of the property’s windows to gain entry once he discovered that the singer wasn’t home.

He decided to leave the house soon after, however the neighbours had already proceeded to call the police. He was then detained under the Mental Health Act and taken away. After being handed over to the FBI, he then stated that he broke into the house to stay warm saying “It was freezing cold, it was dark and I felt like I had nowhere to go,” he said. “I didn’t have a clue where I was and I was convinced I was going to die there, it was so bitter and cold.”

Kate Bush has recently released her new, aptly named single, Wild Man, which is the first track off her upcoming album 50 Words For Snow, which is avaliable for a live stream on Music Feeds

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