Festival Says No To Legal And Herbal Highs

T in the Park is the kind of festival with enough influence to set precedence for other festivals around the world, so when they announce that they will be banning legal and herbal highs from being brought in, it’s the sort of thing that could catch on to other festivals. But is that such a bad thing?

Very recently, a 19 -ear-old festivalgoer at Rockness Festival died after ingesting a legal stimulant called Benzo Fury – which will bring on the same speedy rush as most amphetamines and methylenedioxy compounds (MDA), our bros from Stoney Roads report. It’s no secret that these products are horrible for you, and if there’s anything worse than the crap they put in illegal substances, it’s the even more synthetic legal knock-offs.

An official spokesperson for the event made it known that “Legal, or herbal highs, are not permitted on site. Selling these substances is prohibited and anyone found with them will have them confiscated. It is important that music fans understand that ‘legal’ does not mean safe.”

Though the drugs can be bought very easily online, I’ve personally never dabbled in legal highs and therefore cannot comment on the experience; it would be great to hear some of your tales!

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