Fiona Apple Says Her First New Album In Eight Years Is Nearly Complete

Art-pop innovator Fiona Apple has revealed in a new interview with Vulture that her first album in eight years, the follow-up to 2012’s The Idler Wheel…, is almost complete.

“It’s really up to me. It’ll be done soon,” Apple said regarding the album.

“It’s just I have to do artwork and stuff, and I’ve been dragging my feet a little bit. I don’t know. Sometime in a few months, I guess.”

When asked whether Apple had a sense of the title and aesthetics, she replied, “I have some ideas. I know what the title is, but I’m not gonna say right now. I’ve been thinking about colors and stuff, but I haven’t really done anything.”

Apple also plans to tour off the back of the album, but is somewhat apprehensive about logistics.

“It’s so scary for me, all that stuff. I’m pushing it out of my mind. In the next two weeks, I have to have a meeting with the band about what our plans are and what’s going to work. They’re all in other bands, so they have other schedules.”

Fiona also reflected on the state of the music industry, saying the current climate of art and the industry was “ridiculous,” specifically referencing Justin Bieber’s aggressive attempts to get single ‘Yummy’ to No. 1 in the charts.

“I feel terrible that anybody would want to be No. 1 as badly as Justin Bieber wants to be No. 1. He was upfront about gaming the system, and I think a lot of people do that, and I just want to be like, “Why? Why is it so important?” And I’m not gonna be, like, getting influencers to promote my shit. That’s not gonna happen,” said Apple.

“So I feel like I’m stepping back into a business where, like — I’m not in this business. I don’t have the tools to play this game, and I don’t want to buy the tools to play this game, either. That’s what it feels like it’s become: a game. A video game, basically. Checking their scores.”

You can read the whole interview here.

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