Fiona Apple Storms Off Stage After Telling Crowd To ‘Shut The F**k Up!’

Ever the one for controversy and general bizarreness, singer Fiona Apple stormed off the stage during a private event in Tokyo. The event, titled ‘Timeless Muses’, was organised by fashion label Louis Vuitton to honour a select group of inspiring women, who it seems could not inspire the crowd to quiet down.

Growing frustrated with the attending crowd, who refused to stop talking during her performance, the singer is reported to have climbed atop her grand piano partway through her performance and attempted to hush the chattering audience so that she could perform. When her first attempt at quieting the crowd failed, Apple got creative and asked the audience to remain silent for the duration of a bell tone, which she initiated herself with a small hand bell.

After her second attempt to quell the chatter failed, Apple escalated her assault and told the audience to “Shut the fuck up!” She then directed various expletives, both audible and under her voice, at the crowd, which she understandably described as “rude.” A fed up Apple finally walked off stage after angrily exclaiming “Predictable! Predictable fashion, what the fuck?”

The performance was reportedly strange, featuring moments such as when the singer smacked her head against her microphone, perhaps as a result of frustration with the crowd, and when she performed a back bend over her piano bench and stared intently at her guitarist.

Guess that’s one way to handle a talkative crowd.

(Via NME)

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