First Listen: Tom Cruise Singing ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’

I suppose you could be forgiven for writing off Tom Cruise for his role as Stacee Jaxx in the up-and-coming musical feature film Rock of Ages. Though I’m positive after a quick listen to a preview of Cruise belting out Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard, you will 100% change your opinion.

The long-haired, sunglassed, topless, leather-panted actor sure looks the part, but can his pipes live up to the hype? Well, according to sources, Cruise managed to ‘blow away’ the producer with his vocals. Adam Anders has commented on this saying:

“He had this voice that blew me away. It was the most powerful voice I had ever heard. So loud. He could do anything and go as high as we wanted…It was like a kid discovering he had a new toy”. It would appear that even Cruise gets butterflies on stage, as Anders continues: “His confidence kept growing as we worked together. I think he started off a little nervous, as anybody would who has never done this, but he just bought it 110 per cent”.

Told in the context of LA in the 80s and set in the dark, dingy rock clubs of the era, Rock Of Ages was a hugely successful stage performance. Staring alongside Cruise will be Catharine Zeta Jones, and Russel Brand, and it is soundtracked with the likes of Bon Jovi,  Guns N’ Roses, and of course Def Leppard.

I’m sure you’re dying to hear it, so I’ll stop leading you on; prepare to be blown away.

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