Flaming Lips Frontman Delivers Scathing Tirade Against Ex Drummer

The Flaming Lips‘ frontman Wayne Coyne has unleashed an incredible attack against his band’s former drummer Kliph Scurlock, labelling him among other things a “pathological liar” and “online bully” after Scurlock claimed that he was kicked out of the band because he stood up against racism.

Scurlock, who left the band in March, last week released a detailed account of his departure, placing the blame on Coyne for verbally abusing him.

Scurlock claimed that he was fired for criticising Christina Fallin, a friend of Coyne’s who was publicly accused of racism after she wore a Native American headdress in a photo. Now, Coyne has refuted Scurlock’s allegations in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Coyne claimed that Scurlock’s account of what happened was simply masking prior issues within the band. “The only thing that we would have to say about Kliph leaving is that he just was not very significant to us,” Coyne said.

“And all the things he’s saying about the reason he was fired, it’s all just made-up lies. He knows we struggled with him for years and it didn’t occur to us that it seemed that significant… As time went on, he got to be a lazier and more close-minded musician.”

Coyne went on to defend Christina Fallin, but also apologised to anyone he may have offended by seeming somewhat insensitive in his support of her. “
I would say that I’m very sorry, to anybody that is following my Instagram or my Twitter, if I offended anybody of any religion, any race, any belief system,” he said. “And I would say that if we wrongly stepped on anybody’s sacredness, then we’re sorry about that. That was never our intention.”

“But Christina is our friend,” he continued. “She’s young, and she’s trying to feel her way through social media and I don’t think she’s very good at it. And Kliph is an online bully.”

Coyne also criticised Scurlock’s supposed hatefulness towards other bands, claiming “anybody who knows him knows what kind of a hateful person he is. I mean, anybody that looks at his stuff could see that most of the bands that we would play with, he despised them.

“To their face, he would say, ‘You guys were great’ and then 20 minutes later he’d get online and say, ‘These people are a bunch of fakes. They suck.'”

Coyne also revealed that The Flaming Lips are looking to replace Scurlock with not one but two drummers. Read the full interview here.

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