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Fleetwood Mac Have A New Album On The Way

Written by Zanda Wilson on September 27, 2016

Fleetwood Mac‘s vocalist Christine McVie has confirmed that the veteran rock band are working on a new album.

It’ll be the first LP from Fleetwood since their 2003 record Say You Will, and McVie told Rolling Stone that there are already several tracks recorded for the new album.

“Well, we cut seven songs in the studio already for the start of a brand-new studio album. Which we did probably nearer two years ago,” said McVie. “We shelved that temporarily and then went on the road and did the tour.”

She also went on to reveal that they’d  be aiming to get the record finished by the end of the year, though she wasn’t sure whether band member Stevie Nicks would be taking part in the process.

“I think we’re going back in in October to try to finish it off,” she revealed. “Stevie hasn’t participated yet, but hope springs eternal. She’s going on a solo tour at the moment.”

“But Lindsey and I, we have plenty of songs. There are tons more in the bag that we have yet to record. And they’re fantastic. So we’re going to carry on and try to finish the record. And then maybe if Stevie doesn’t want to be part of that then we can go out and just do some smaller concerts.”

When asked whether the new album will likely be finished by next year, McVie replied “One would hope so, yeah. That’s the plan. And I can’t wait for it to be finished. It’ll be great.”

Listen: Fleetwood Mac – ‘Gypsy’

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