Flo Rida Forced To Pay $80,000 To Fat As Butter Festival

After last year’s hissy-fit saw Flo Rida bitch out of playing the 2011 Fat As Butter Festival, he has been told that he must pay a substantial amount of money to the organisers. The rapper was supposed to be playing the festival in October last year, however he decided that he didn’t want to make the two-hour trip up to Newcastle and stayed in Sydney instead, sulking in his hotel room.

Flo Rida was paid a cool $55,000 to make an appearance at the festival, however this did not eventuate. Subsequently, Judge Judith Gibson has told the rapper that he is to repay the initial $55,000 and additionally must pay $25,000 in damages to the organiser of the festival.

The festival’s lawyer told the Sydney Morning Herald that “We are seeking costs that we expended, out of pocket expenses including accommodation, vehicles and damage to our client’s business and goodwill,”

Rida is currently in Australia and attended the Logies last night, (which saw the Herald Sun leak the big prize).

If the rapper does not pay the $80,000, then it is said that his assets in Australia will be frozen.

Fat As Butter will take place on September 22nd this year, jumping forward an entire month to its regular time slot. The festival has already confirmed Eiffel 65 and N-Trance as two acts who will appear on the bill; the remainder of the lineup is yet to be seen.

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