Florence Welch Wants To Write A Musical With A School Friend

After previously declaring that she wants to take a year off from music, Florence Welch has now given some hints as to what she wants to do in that period.

Welsh told UK paper the Evening Standard that she is yearning for a break from her hectic schedule, and wants to do some “normal things” so that she can get re-energised and inspired to make some new music.

“I’ve been on tour since I was 21. I need a break and to have the chance to do normal things, like go to the supermarket and hang out with my friends.

“I’ve only just moved out of my mum’s house, so I’d like to settle into my new place and start getting inspired again. If I started writing songs now, all they’d be about is tour buses and hotel rooms.”

The Florence and the Machine frontwoman also said she is planning on writing a musical with an old school friend, Sophie Hart-Walsh.

“It would be amazing to get it into the World End. That’s obviously the dream goal,” she said.

“We always used to write songs about our lives and sing them to eachother. We always said we should make them into a musical.”

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