Flume Goes Crypto, Offers Eight Art Pieces As NFTs Exclusively For Trade

Flume is a man of many talents, and now he’s trying his hand at the wildly popular non-fungible token game with eight new art releases.

The Sydney producer has put up eight different NFTs for auction, all of different weapons, which can only be obtained by trading other NFTs.

The pieces were created by Flume in collaboration with Jonathan Zawada, and were initially showcased in both Sydney and Los Angeles back in 2016.

“Jonathan and I put these together in 2016 for an art exhibition we did around Skin,” Flume said.

“They only got shown in Sydney and LA so we wanted them to see the light of day online. We wanted to swap these for other NFT’s instead of putting them up for sale. Part of our excitement on this medium was being able to put out works in new ways. It’s just an experiment and we’re keen to see what comes back.”

Zawada added, “Originally the weapons came about from Harley and I talking about the idea of a ‘skin’ in games like Counter Strike.

“I’d long been fascinated with the idea of kind of inverse camouflage in video games and it was fun to explore this visually. I set about playing with their appearance and after he saw them Harley selected a few to make music for, to which I responded by animating the abstract destruction of each weapon to the music.”

Check out more info on the NFTs here.

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