Flume Says New Album Is Headphone Not Festival Music

Flume is in the midst of headlining Laneway Festival across the country, dropping new tunes from his forthcoming record Skin, but apparently it’s not the optimum environment to hear the new music in.

Speaking to triple j‘s Matt and Alex this morning about how the new music has been going down at the festival, Harley Streten said, “Some really got it and were really into, some were a bit confus[ed] but that’s good.”

As for why some people were confused, Flume said that the new music is “just a bit different.”

“The beats flip up, it’s kind of complicated and it’s not festival music, it’s more headphone [music]. So some of it, I think was pretty challenging, and some of it went really well, but overall I think it was a really good outcome.”

It seems the new music he’s released so far is going down really well with audiences at the moment though. Never Be Like You with Canadian singer Kai is scaling the Aussie charts and Smoke & Retribution with US rapper Vince Staples and KUČKA was received rapturously upon release.

While he’s already announced the album title Skin, we still haven’t got a release date for his sophomore record, though he says it’s coming at “the start of this year,” which surely means soon. According to the man himself, he was due to drop the album earlier but he held it back to make sure he could “get this awesome and get it right.”

Rest assured though, “there’s lots of Flume to come out this year.”

If you’ve been to Laneway Festival you’ll recognise that Flume is rocking a different stage setup with a new ‘infinity prism’. The old one isn’t going to waste though because he’s going to use it as a coffee table.

“I’m really concerned because it’s really sharp on the edges and I think I’m going to smash my leg on it or something.”

Flume’s second album Skin will hopefully be out soon. He’s set to play Laneway in Fremantle and Melbourne this weekend.

Listen: Flume – Never Be Like You (Feat. Kai)

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