Flume’s Entire New Album ‘Skin’ Is Available To Stream In Full, On Facebook

Flume‘s new album Skin wasn’t meant to be with us until tomorrow but, surprise, it’s here.

The Aussie producer debuted his second album during a live Facebook listening session in London and now the whole video’s been kept up there for everyone to hear.

It’s not just the album in full either. There’s also a talk show-type segment to it which sees Flume come face to face with his collaborators either by Skype or live in the studio.

Beck, Little Dragon, Vince Staples, Kai and more all appear to congratulate Flume on the record and also to discuss a little about how their respective collaborations came together.

The best part, however, comes right at the end when someone decides to randomly take a razor to Flume’s moustache that he’s been rocking for the last few weeks. It was a huge talking point through the whole live stream and even though Vince Staples said he liked it, it’s gone now.

Beck appeared in the live stream from LA but he was also speaking with Flume and Beats 1 host Zane Lowe earlier in the day while they were premiering the album’s last track Lonely Cities.

He told Lowe that he “caught an Uber” to his house in LA.

“I brought my laptop over and basically played a bunch of music and did some singing,” he said.

Flume was on the phone but Beck was actually in the studio to speak of the collaboration and he sounded equally excited about the song.

“We just plugged a mic into his laptop,” Beck said.

“I remember I had this Neumann 1950s mic, this beautiful thing, and we just ended up plugging in this Shure mic and I just ran around the house singing a bunch of random things in gibberish.”

“I was prowling around the room and speaking in tongues,” he added.

The pair are both heading out on tour separately this year but they both agreed there’s a possibility they could link up at some time on the live stage. Although, Beck conceded he’d have to do a little bit of practice because, “that wasn’t an easy song to sing”.

Dig into the live stream of the whole album below and stick around for the interviews with the collaborators at the end. It’s a sometimes awkward but very entertaining watch.

Listen: Flume – Skin Facebook Live Stream

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