Flume’s New Track Shows Robots Have Feelings (And Intelligence) Too

You read that correctly – Australian EDM prodigy Flume has released new music, but it might not be exactly what you expect. The new song comes by way of a team-up with tech giants Intel for a new music film project, “Intelligent Sounds”

The video (below) features an array of tablet computers amongst assorted bits and bobs being operated by a Wall-E type fella named Felix the robot conductor, who operates the tablets to trigger samples using MIDI and Ableton software, to perform the track, which was prepared by Flume earlier.

This is truly a feat of human engineering, the culmination of decades of technological advancements, so obviously a ‘Making Of’ video was also vital. You can check that out below as well, and perhaps pick up a few DIY robot music tips.

Before you get inspired to do this yourself, though, we should probably mention that the software installed is totally custom, designed for this concept alone. So you’ll need 60 tablets, a robot, a tin can, a lighter and the might of an international corporation behind you. We may have to wait a while before we too can be Flume.

Speaking of his time with the equipment, Flume explains:

“I wanted to write something how I write regardless and just see how it came about. There’s so much cool stuff. Like if I could just do a show with all that stuff there, just a one off thing…”

Seems like Harley’s jelly too, but clearly a one-time effort was more than worth it. You can watch both videos below.

Watch: Intelligent Sounds: Intel’s tablet powered band (Featuring Flume)

Watch: The Making Of…

(Via The Vine)

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