Foals To Release ‘Holy Fire’ In Early 2013

Foals have christened their new album Holy Fire via an announcement on their Facebook page.

The album – set for release in early 2013 – is the UK band’s follow-up to 2010’s Total Life Forever.

Details were released by band member Edward Congreave – who declared that the album is “coming soon”.

big news from our thirrrd rekid. namely: the name. It’s called HOLY FIRE. It’s like meaningful or something. dig it, or don’t. either way it’s coming soon. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets for our mini tour this winter. like we said elsewhere it is only a tease, and for us to get back “into it”, so don’t stress if you missed out, or if we weren’t coming near to your home… because there will be many, many more shows coming up.

Frontman Yannis Philippakis told NME recently that the album would contain a variety of styles from the band.

“There are some heavier moments and some dirtier moments. It’s swampy, some of the grooves are quite stinky. There’s a track called My Number that had a Curtis Mayfield groove which was pretty unashamedly funk, for want of a better word.”

“We’ve always been pretty rhythmically preoccupied, but once the four-on-the-floor, hi-hat, indie disco stuff’s dead and buried with a chain of garlic around its neck, that feels like a really fertile place to go to.”

Foals will be in Australia in January for Big Day Out – so there’s no doubt we’ll hear new material off the album then.

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