Foo Fighters Are Being All Mysterious, Counting Down To Something

Something’s going on in the Foo Fighters camp.

The band’s official website has just been given a numerical makeover, with all of the regular links and other navigational shiz replaced by a single, mysterious clock, ticking down to what we can only assume is some kind of important event.

Excluding the possibility that Dave Grohl & co are privy to secret knowledge about an impending apocalypse and are cryptically trying to warn us to get the hell outta dodge, it’s probably a safe bet that the important event in question is Foos-related.

At the time of writing, the enigmatic ticker puts the moment of truth occurring at exactly 24 days, 23 hours, 28 minutes and 50 seconds from now which, by our calculations, has it happening at around 3pm on Monday, 23rd November AEDT.

What’s due to happen on the 23rd is anyone’s guess. Another new Foo Fighters album? Season 2 of Sonic Highways? Dave Grohl announces his candidacy to run against Yeezy in the 2020 US presidential election?

Only time will tell. Everyone get comfy.


Posted by Foo Fighters on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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