Foo Fighters Were A Category On ‘Jeopardy’ But The Contestants Boned It

Foo Fighters were a category on a recent episode of Jeopardy, however it turns out that none of the contestants were exactly huge fans of the band, with only the first two questions being answered correctly, throwing a Monkey Wrench into their plans for victory.

Contestant Jason opened up well, managing to correctly name frontman Dave Grohl’s pre Foo-Fighters band, as well as where the Foos got their name before pulling a Greg Norman and choking in the home stretch.

Not on of the three would be Foo scholars could make heads or tails of questions relating to the band’s documentary, nor their classic hits.

Luckily for us, someone without a hard drive recorder (that’s not the lucky part) managed to film the segment on their phone, which means you can test your own skills and see if you can do a better job answering Alex Trebek’s backwards non-questions.

Speaking of Trebek, the cheeky host also included a category titled Learn to Fly in last night’s episode, although it had absolutely nothing to do with Foo Fighters beyond a sad pun.

GIf: giphy

Anyway watch the video for yourself here below.

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