Foo Fighters’ ‘Chasing Birds’ Clip Is A Trippy Wonderland

Foo Fighters graced fans (very appropriately) on the day known as 4/20 with a trippy new clip for their single, ‘Chasing Birds’.

The track is taken from the band’s newly released record, extremely hyped record Medicine At Midnight, which Music Feeds called a “shot in the arm that the Foo Fighters and their many millions of fans needed.”

The clip for ‘Chasing Birds’ is one hell of a trip. The trippy animation was put together by Bomper Studio, who also created the video for the band’s second MAM single, ‘No Son of Mine’.

It features the band starting out their trip trapped in an otherworldly desert, in dire need of some H2O. They’re then swallowed up by a massive mouth-like hole in the ground, which transports them to a hellish dimension beneath the surface.

Longtime fans will recognise a few easter eggs strewn throughout the clip – watch out for the ‘Everlong’ and ‘Monkey Wrench’ references.

Watch the video below.

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