Foo Fighters Fan Has His Guitar Stolen, The Band’s Chris Shiflett Sends Him A New One

Leeds-based muso and Foo Fighters fan Sinclair Belle recently ran into some serious bad luck with the theft of his Fender Telecaster. This, however, was quickly followed by some seriously, seriously good luck.

Belle’s Telecaster Deluxe was stolen out of his car in September this year, and understandably he thought he’d never get whiff of it again. Foo Fighters guitarist and all-round legend, Chris Shiflett, somehow heard about the unfortunate event and has decided to take matters into his own hands.

Shiflett came up with the next best thing to getting the original guitar back to its rightful owner, and personally contacted Belle through Facebook. Belle, who plays in the UK band Happy Daggers, explained to The Sun, “I was winding down from the week when a message come through the band’s Facebook page… It was a message from Chris Shiflett. He said he had seen the article and to let him know if I wanted another one.”

Shiflett’s message reportedly said, “Hey Sinclair. I read about your guitar getting stolen. Bummer! I’d be happy to send you another… Nothing worse than getting your guitar ripped off.”

Belle could be forgiven for assuming this was some sort of gag, but surely enough, a few weeks later, a brand new Telecaster Deluxe turned up in the mail. He wrote to Shiflett to thank him for his generosity, to which he awesomely replied, “I hope it serves you well my friend.”

As it turns out, it’s not just Shiflett bearing a heart made of gold. Foo Fighters just ended their official hiatus in order to play a charity gig in Los Angeles in support of local schools. They practically hosted the whole night, playing original and covers, being joined on stage by the likes of KISS’ Paul Stanley, Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell, Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar, The Police’s Stewart Copeland and Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones.

Catch a photo of Sinclair Belle with his stolen Fender Telecaster, below.

Sinclair Belle from the Happy Daggers playing the stolen Telecaster (Via Facebook):

Happy Daggers FB 2016

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