Foo Fighters’ ‘Learn To Fly’ Video Without The Music Is Bizarrely Brilliant

The official video clip for Foo Fighter‘s 1999 track Learn To Fly is an absolute classic, but have you ever wondered what it might sound like without the music?

Austrian sound designer Mario Wienerroither has become known for his re-imagined versions of iconic video clips, replacing the music with the sounds that might have been naturally occurring at the time.

Learn To Fly which features a cameo from Jack Black’s band Tenacious D is set on an plane, with much of the plot of the clip relying on the music to drive things along.

Without the Fighters’ lyrics and instrumental it becomes kind of eerie but also just breathtakingly weird and in many ways, brilliant.

Watch the music-less version and the original for comparison, below.

Watch: Foo Fighters – ‘Learn To Fly’ (Musicless)

Watch: Foo Fighters – ‘Learn To Fly’ (Original Clip)

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