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Foo Fighters Performed ‘Everlong’ With Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian’s 8-Year-Old Son & Our Hearts Cannot Handle This

In incredibly wholesome and undeniably heartwarming news, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian’s son Revel got to live it up on stage with Foo Fighters during their performance at the Bourbon & Beer Festival in Kentucky over the weekend.

The 8-year-old was invited by Dave Grohl on stage to perform the band’s track ‘Everlong’.

Footage shows Ian backstage with his son. Grohl then calls on Revel, introducing him to the crowd as “one of my favourite guitar players of all time”. After making his way to the stage, Grohl calls for his guitar tech “Armando” – who suspiciously looks a hell of a lot like Ian – to help Revel out in getting plugged in and ready to shred.

Grohl gives Revel the honour of kicking off the song, and as soon as the opening moments of the track are heard, the crowd is ready for it.

Ian posted the video to Instagram, the caption saying “Proudest dad moment ever?”

“How about when your son gets to join his favorite band on stage to play Everlong in front of 40,000 people and NAILS IT!”

Take a look below.

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