Foo Fighters Share New Music In The Form Of One Epic Riff

Foo Fighters‘ mysterious online countdown clock has reportedly gifted some lucky fans with a snippet of new music in the form of one pretty huge riff.

While the new snippet of Foos material isn’t currently streaming on the Foo Fighters website, it’s been captured and reposted by fans alongside the words “Nothing’s Set In Stone”, which currently do appear on the site.

The new snippet of material is a typically boisterous and rolling guitar riff, backed by some cymbal-bashing drumming. A one-minute loop of the riff has been uploaded to YouTube, and can be streamed below.

Foo Fighters have played this riff live earlier in the year, performing snippets of it before launching into the song All My Life. Footage of the riff’s live performance is also available below.

Foos fan site Foo Fighters Live points out that the publicly searchable database of Broadcast Music Inc. currently shows five new unreleased songs attributed to the members of Foo Fighters. The names of those songs are Iron Rooster, Neverending Sigh, Saint Cecilia, Savior Breath and Sean.

The mysterious countdown clock on the Foo Fighters website looks like it’s set to end at 3pm AEDT on Monday, 23rd November, and with five new songs in the bank, rumours of a new EP are swelling.

Until the countdown ends, sit tight and catch new Foos riffage, below.

Watch: Foo Fighters – “Nothing’s Set In Stone” Snippet Teaser

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