Foo Fighters Sydney Show Goes Off

The Foo Fighters 2011 Australian stormed into Sydney last night, 47,000 fans turned up to watch the iconic rock band and they were not left disappointed. “All right Sydney, let’s fuckin dance”, Grohl told the crowd as the Foo Fighters came on stage opening the concert with crowd favorite, All My Life.

“Hi, how the fuck are you doing, my name’s Dave…we’ve got a lot of songs!” Dave told the crowd, ” You know we don’t play those little 1 hour 45 minute concerts we don’t do that shit, We are going to keep playing until the neighbours call the fucken cops!”.

The Foo Fighters churned out the all the hits Learn to Fly, White Limo, Arlandria. “This one goes out to all the old Foo Fighters fans… the crusty, forty-something-ass dads!” Dave yelled before belting into Breakout.

The encore saw Dave again perform an acoustic version of Wheels before Tenacious D members Kyle and Jack joined the Foo Fighters For a cover of Queens Tie Your Mother Down.

The crowd response has been positive on twitter with few complaints about the sound.

@brett_kirk tweeted: Still buzzing from the energy at the Foo Fighters concert.

However a few patrons didn’t feel the vibe…

@Mckshane Tweeted: SFS was the crappest venue ever. Foo Fighters rocked out but the sound was doubled up over itself. Heartbreaking.

Watch: Foo Fighters – Best Of You Sydney 2011

Watch: Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly Sydney 2011

Check out photos over at Triple M

Foo Fighters Sydney Football Stadium Setlist

All My Life


The Pretender

My Hero

Learn to Fly

White Limo



Cold Day in the Sun

Long Road to Ruin

Stacked Actors


Let It Die

Monkey Wrench

These Days

This is a Call

In the Flesh? (Pink Floyd cover)

Best of You


Wheels (Acoustic)

Times Like These (Acoustic)


Tie Your Mother Down (Queen cover) (with Tenacious D)


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