Footage Emerges Of Shannon Noll Being Kicked Out Of Adelaide Strip Club

UPDATE 06/04/17:

The assault charges against Shannon Noll have been dropped.


Footage has emerged of singer and former Australian Idol runner-up Shannon Noll being kicked out of an Adelaide strip club over the weekend, prior to his arrest for allegedly assaulting a bouncer.

Footage of the incident, which you can catch below, sees Noll (in the white t-shirt) speaking with venue staff, before he’s seen being pinned to the ground by some security personnel while another knees him in the leg.

Noll was involved in the scuffle at the Crazy Horse club on Hindley Street at around 2:30am local time on Sunday morning, where he allegedly punched a security guard before being restrained by three guards and taken away by police.

Shannon Noll’s manager has declined to comment to Music Feeds about the incident.

Noll, who is a government ambassador for live music, was in Adelaide to perform at Mary Ann Reserve as part of the ‘Red Hot Summer Tour’ on Saturday.

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