For Whom The Ball Tolls – Metallica To Get Their Own Pinball Game

They might not be the first band that springs to mind when you think arcade amusements but get your flipper fingers ready because Metallica are set to release their own pinball machine.

As revealed in the games trailer, the new time-waster comes from the band with the help of Stern Pinball Inc, a company renowned for making their pinball games since the 1930s.

Metallica’s pinball machine will boast a meaty soundtrack for players to rock out to while they’re whacking Metallica’s balls all over the place. Fade To Black, One, The Unforgiven, Master Of Puppets, Fuel and For Whom The Bell Tolls are just a handful of the Metallica classic on offer.

Although the trailer doesn’t give much away about the finished product we can only assume that there will be various ways to solicit a James Hetfield ‘Yeah!’ sound bite, and we can only assume slipping a move by Lars Ulrich without his permission will result in a lawsuit multiball.

No word yet as to when Metallica Pinball will be available for purchase.

Watch: Metallica Pinball announcement

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