Former Nirvana Members Dave Grohl And Krist Novoselic Possible Collaboration

Former Nirvana bassist and political activist Krist Novoselic has hinted at the possiblity of working on some new material with former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Before giving a keynote speech on the last night of the inaugural CBGB Festival, Novoselic spoke with Rolling Stone about the possibility of working with Grohl.

“I think there’s something cooking…ask Dave,” Novoselic suggested.

As noted by Diffuser, the last time the two former Nirvana bandmates worked together was on 2011 Foo Fighters’ album Wasting Light for the track I Should Have Known. That record also involved Butch Vig, who produced Nirvana’s iconic LP Nevermind.

Novoselic’s keynote speech took place at the Sunshine Cinema as part of the CBGB Festival, which was created to pay homage to the infamous New York club that played a vital role in the punk rock and new wave movements of the late 70s and become a fixture for ‘alternative’ music till its closure in 2006. CBGB Festival organizer Louise Parnassa-Staley revealed to Novoselic during his speech that Nirvana never performed at the fabled venue because their agent demanded an extra $300.

“Corporate rock whores, we were.. Bye-bye, anarchism,” Novoselic jokingly replied, according to Rolling Stone.

Spin gives a detailed review of Novoselic’s speech, describing the speaker as engaging and humble. Among the varied subjects touched upon, Novoselic offered his opinions on politics, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the legacy of Kurt Cobain and the post-Nirvana success of Grohl.

“When people stop and recognise me, I always use that as an opportunity to remember Kurt Cobain. That’s my opportunity to say, that’s for you, dude. That’s my regret, that Kurt Cobain isn’t alive and didn’t live. He was a wonderful person and he deserved a fulfilling life.”

“People ask me, ‘Do you ever get jealous of Dave and everything he’s done since Nirvana?’ And I’m like, ‘Listen, man. He has stayed focused. He has worked hard. He rocks, the Foo Fighters rock, how can you be jealous of something like that?’ He has earned everything.”

You can check out a segment of Novoselic’s speech below as he talks about Nirvana and the 90’s Seattle grunge scene.

Watch: Krist Novoselic – Keynote Speech – CBGB Festival

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