A New Map Is Launching In Fortnite Based On Tash Sultana’s New Album

Tash Sultana was already a known multi-hyphenate, and now they’ve becoming a part of the gaming world, with a new Fortnite map inspired by their latest album.

With footage teased on Sultana’s social media earlier today, they’ve revealed that the map will be launching at 3pm AEDT today on the overwhelmingly popular game.

This news follows Sultana’s announcement yesterday that they would be playing an album launch livestream at the beginning of next month, in lieu of being able to tour the album as much as they would like.

That being said, Sultana is currently in the midst of a pair of shows at Melbourne’s 170 Russell, the most intimate gigs they’ve played in some time.

Sultana released their second album, Terra Firma, earlier this month. In an interview with Music Feeds, Sultana explained the creative process behind the album, and how it compared to their debut, 2018’s Flow State.

“When I did [previous album, 2018’s] Flow State, I was on tour the whole time,” they said.

“I would record in the little fragments of time when I came home. That was really difficult because you don’t do your best work if you don’t have enough time to really get it done.

“With Terra Firma, I didn’t want to repeat that. I didn’t want it to be rushed – and it wasn’t. I spent 200 days on it.”

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