Foster The People Frontman Ejected From Prince Concert By Security

Foster the People‘s frontman and namesake Mark Foster has found himself on the wrong side of a rule set up to protect artists. At a recent Prince performance, the frontman has been booted out by security after he was seen using his mobile phone.

When artists at Prince’s level perform, mobile phones, video cameras or any other recording devices are strictly forbidden, so when security saw Foster manning his phone, they were quick to escort the musician out of the venue.

After what was sure to be a frazzled and awkward situation, Foster managed to persuade the fuzz to let him back inside after informing them who he was, and that he was only texting a mate, as well as the fact that he was yet to fix up his bar tab. So a crisis was averted.

Upon exiting the venue, Foster seemed pretty chilled about the incident, according to TMZ (Via Sky News) palming the whole thing off to a misunderstanding, telling the publication “It’s cool … Prince doesn’t play in front of 100 people every night”.

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