Foster The People Singer Says Snoop Dogg ‘Inspired Me To Quit Smoking Marijuana’

Foster the People frontman Mark Foster revealed recently that he has quit smoking for good, but the suprising thing is that the person who inspired him to do it was the godfather of hip hop, Snoop Dogg, who as we all know, loves a quiet smoke on the odd occasion.

An interview with Q Magazine reveals that Foster was given an inspirational pep talk from Snoop when the singer met him recently. “It’s funny, the one time I got star-struck was when I met Snoop Dogg. I gave him a hug and said, ‘I love you, man’. It was cool cos I’d just stopped smoking weed three days before.”

Foster then confessed to him that “I quit smoking but I’d have one with you now if I had the chance”, but Snoop convinced him otherwise by saying: “Y’know what, brother: Sometimes you gotta slow down and focus on your s—.’” Foster then adds: “From the godfather of marijuana smoking! That was good enough for me.”

Snoop Dogg has had his recent drug-related worries with the authorities. After departing the aircraft in Oslo, Norway, last week, he was picked up by sniffer dogs, who recovered 8 grams of weed and a suspicious amount of cash. Of course having the reputation he does, it doesn’t make smuggling your weed in to a place an easy task anyway.

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