Frances Bean Reportedly Marries Guy Who Looks Scarily Like Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love Wasn’t Invited

We’ve heard it said that some girls end up marrying guys who are a lot like their fathers, but this is next level.

Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of grunge rock legend Kurt Cobain, has reportedly tied the knot with her longtime musician boyfriend, Isaiah Silva (who bears a batshit crazy resemblance to her late dad) without her mum, Courtney Love, knowing about it.

According to The Mirror, 23-year-old Frances Bean married her 30-year-old boyfy in a private ceremony in front of a handful of close mates, and then phoned her estranged mum afterwards to let her know about it.

A “source” close to the couple apparently also told The Mirror: “Courtney and Frances have had a strained relationship over the years, but after tons of fallouts they actually get on quite well now. Courtney is sad she wasn’t there but she totally understands that Frances is her own person and she’s happy to let her do her own thing. Plus, Isaiah is a really nice guy.”

And Isaiah’s Kurt doppleganger-ness isn’t his only point of similarity with the Nirvana icon. The pair’s low-key wedding is pretty reminiscent of Kurt and Courtney’s own – they got hitched in front of just eight guests back in 1992.

But despite Love getting a guest list snub to Frances Bean’s wedding, the pair seem to be getting on pretty well of late. After bonding over the production of the definitive Kurt Cobain doco Montage Of Heck, they’ve also exchanged plenty of good vibes on social media.

In honour of Frances Bean’s 23rd birthday, the Hole singer posted some tear-jerking old family photos on Instagram:

The birthday wishes also went to Twitter, with Love writing: “Happy birthday my sweetest baby girl, I’m so proud of you @alka_seltzer666,” to which Franny replied: “Thanks for letting me utilize your human form to act as my alien incubation pod for 9 months. Love you mum XX.”

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