Free Download: John Butler Re-recorded Track ‘Ocean’

As a thank you to his fans John Butler has re-record his epic guitar track Ocean in a studio setting for the first time in over a decade. Fans of Butler will be well acquainted with Ocean via its various live incarnations, but they now have the oppotunity to download the rejuvenated version for free from the John Bulter Trio’s official website.

Aside from the song’s title, there’s something intrinsically summery about Butler’s 12-minute odyssey, which without words invokes a wide gamut of emotions. The new version of Ocean was recorded at ‘The Compound’, Butler’s studio in his hometown of Fremantle, Western Australia and sees the evolution of the song that Butler first wrote back in his busking days.

Below is an open letter from Butler to his fans about Ocean and why he has re-recorded the popular song as a way of thank you for their continued support.

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“OCEAN” is a very interesting aspect of my life. It is part of my DNA. It conveys all things I can’t put into words. Life, loss, love, spirit. As I evolve so too does ‘Ocean’. The song was first recorded as part of my first album/cassette, “Searching For Heritage”, which I sold when I busked, then for my first self-titled studio album 12 years ago. The song has been watched online incredibly over 25 million times in various formats, nearly always live, be it from Music Max Sessions or from one of the many festivals I have had the pleasure to play. I’d like to thank you for your continued support over all these years; it means so much to me. I would like to thank you by offering this first studio recording of ‘Ocean’ in over a decade as a free download. I recorded it in my favourite studio, The Compound here in Fremantle Western Australia, a studio you helped me build. This marks just another fleeting moment in a career that is very much ongoing. I look forward to bringing you many new songs and albums into the future and continuing this amazing journey with you ALL.

Thank You, JB

Ocean by John Butler free download here…

Watch: John Butler – Ocean – Studio Version

Listen: John Butler – Ocean – Studio Version

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