French Nightclub Threatens To Sue Cooked Clubbers Over Overdoses

Most nightclubs take a hard stance against illegal drug use on their premises, but a nightclub in France is taking their anti-drugs policy to the next level.

The owners of Le Sucre nightclub in Lyon are threatening to bring legal action against four patrons, after they fell ill inside the venue over the weekend, showing signs of overdose and requiring hospitalisation.

The four men, aged 30 to 36 years old, are presumed to have had an adverse reaction after mixing synthetic substances, including GHB, with alcohol. Reports on local news publications and Twitter suggest the men could have acquired substances of questionable quality from inside the venue, but club owners deny this, telling Resident Advisor “the hospitalised persons—all of whom were in the same group—admitted taking the drug with them to the party”.

The sold-out techno event, being held by queer party promoters Mutante, was forced to shut down early at 3am and eject about 700 people from the venue.

Le Sucre’s owners, who have expressed relief at the clubbers’ recovery, have nonetheless decided it’s best to cover their asses, by bringing legal action to prevent patrons “irresponsible actions” from harming the club’s reputation and economic sustainability.

In May last year, a drug and alcohol-affected partygoer was left severely disabled after falling 15 metres in an attempt to enter Le Sucre via an emergency exit, so the club is no doubt feeling the heat after this latest incident.

Nightclubs around the world are feeling mounting pressure from authorities over their policies on illegal drug use, with London institute Fabric recently being forced to permanently close its doors.

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