Frenzal Rhomb Tease Queens Of The Stone Age With “Free Headgear” For Photographers

Aussie troublemakers Frenzal Rhomb have taken Queens Of The Stone Age to task in the funniest way possible, after QOTSA frontman Josh Homme was filmed kicking a photographer in the face at a recent show.

Homme apologised not once but twice to photographer Chelsea Lauren — saying that he was “in a state of being lost in performance” when the incident took place — and now Frenzal have had a bit of fun at his expense.

Taking to Twitter, the band have spruiked their new national tour by jokingly suggesting that they’ll have free headgear available for photographers at all upcoming shows.

“As musicians we love playing gigs,” Frenzal say.

“But we know that sometimes, innocently lost in a performance, we might put someone in hospital. So for our upcoming Frenzal shows this headgear will be available free for all concert photographers.”

Yesterday, Frenzal member Lindsay McDowens also took to Twitter to call Homme “an entitled bully”, while saying that he hoped the video from the QOTSA show and Homme’s “nothing statement” would “show a lot more people that”.

In a video apology released yesterday, Homme apologised to Chelsea Lauren and his bandmates, while admitting that he needs to “figure out some stuff”.

Lauren later thanked QOTSA’s fanbase on Twitter, saying, “Thank you to the QOTSA fanbase for being a solid group of people overall and standing up for what’s right regardless of your fandom. It is not falling on deaf ears and I really appreciate every message. Seriously, thank you.”

Meanwhile, Frenzal Rhomb are taking their ninth album Hi-Vis High Tea on tour between December and February, so make sure you stock up on protective gear if you’re heading along.

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