Gallaghers At It Again As Liam Calls Out Noel For Covering The Gorillaz

In news sure to surprise exactly no one, Liam Gallagher has had a go at his brother Noel, low key trolling him for covering the Gorillaz after trashing them years earlier.

While Oasis had always had a long running rivarly with fellow Britpop luminaries Blur through their respective heydays, it seems Noel at least has been willing to put that aside, being seen performing with Damon Albarn a number of times in recent months.

One thing led to another, and Noel recently joined Albarn onstage, at Paul Simonon’s 60th birthday party no less, and covered Dare off the Gorillaz seminal second album Demon Days. Now Liam is once again firing up the beef cannon and giving his brother a blast.

In classic sibling style however, Liam didn’t bother mincing words, he just uneathered some rather embarrassing video of Noel calling the Gorillaz “fucking appalling, music for 12-year-olds” – before cutting to his cover of Dare.

Still Liam could hardly let the images speak for themselves, unable to resist the urge for a cheeky caption and writing simply “what’s that, Noel?”

You can practically hear his Manchester accent as you read it.

Check out the Tweet for yourself here, followed by a retrospective of some of Liam’s most colourful moments.

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