Geniuses Have Mashed-Up Kanye Beats With Chance The Rapper Bars For An A+ Mixtape

Chance The Rapper and Kanye West are our favourite besties of 2016. They both guested on each other’s albums and Chance has continued to gush about his big bro and how College Dropout was his first album ever. Naw.

Appropriately, two producers have now put Chance The Rapper’s verses over Kanye West’s beats to make the ultimate mixtape Chance The Dropout.

DJ Critical Hype and DJ Clyde took 18 months to put the mixtape together, scooping through both artist’s entire back-catalogue to piece together a career-spanning mix of songs from the two artists.

It’s a 23-track effort and is probably the closest we’re going to get to a Chance and Kanye collab album given that the latter is still recovering from a hospital stint due to “temporary psychosis”.

Chance did say earlier this year that he had been working on a record with Kanye called Good Ass Job but he told LA’s Power 106 that it’s “far from done”.

This mixtape is done though and it’s here for you to listen to right now.

Listen: Chance The Rapper/Kanye West – ‘Chance The Dropout’

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