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GhettoBlaster is back Wednesday July 7th

Written by John Ritchie on June 29, 2010

GhettoBlaster is back at qbar July 7th so all you people working on Thursday should man up and party.

From the press release:
We’re not sure about you, but between dying and a little crying for uni exams to end and the anticipation for the next big party, this month has most definitely dragged on. Never fear, &Dimes are about to relieve you of this with the July 7th GhettoBlaster announcement.

Yep, you heard it. School’s out and we will be too, and this month we’re amping it up a little. Not only are we again rocking cheap drinks all night, one dollar pool and an art exhibition that will make you go out and pick yourself up some brushes and paint. This month we’re launching our the first in our series of limited edition ‘GhettoBears’. These miniature bears are not only cute as fuck, but will be adorned with a drink ticket and let’s be honest- who is going to tell me they aren’t keen for a drink on us? To get your hands on one of these all you need to do is make sure you’re really partying and keep your eyes peeled. They’ll be handed out and dropped around the venue throughout the night, and believe me when I say these bears will be more exciting than the attached drink!

The bands? Well let me be the first to say our head-liners are something in the way of impressive. Sydney three piece Myth & Tropics are creating a stir with a sound that is well and truly one to drink in. Having been described as having their development akin to that of Lester Bangs’ famous description of what it meant to create ‘punk’, we are more than excited to play host to their live show. The night will also feature Sydney’s own White Bats who will be kicking off their July tour on the night and with these two bands let loose in Q Bar, we’re expecting the night will probably be one resembling a hurricane.

Our feature artist this month Sinead Condell, has a knack for creating breath taking water colour pieces and this month she’ll the creative force behind what you’ll see in the VIP room.

Of course while every GhettoBlaster starts as a night bursting with art and creativity behind incredible soundtracks from our featured bands, let’s not forget that when the clock strikes 12 we know you’ll be on that dancefloor with a drink in hand singing “Boom boom, shake, shake the room”. With that in mind, we’ve roped in some DJs possessing the skills needed to ensure we see just that.

Remember Double Denim – three babes in the 34b DJ booth? Yup, they’re back. Want to see Dialz in the Q Bar booth? Check! No party is a party without Mark C, so you can rest assured we’ve lassoed him and this month we’ve got a new kid on the block Alex Already.

So for those of you who are crying ‘I work Thursdays’ man up and F**K IT LETS PARTY!

Q Bar. Oxford St. Wednesday. July 7th. 8pm. $5 Entry

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